Despite the law, on the coast 40% of businesses still do not accept the cards

Arba, the Afip of Buenos Aires, intensified controls at different points to verify that commercial and service establishments comply with the obligation to accept card payments. The inspectors focused on gastronomy, hospitality, leisure, tourism and retail, since, according to ARBA surveys, 40% of this universe of taxpayers does not offer consumers the possibility of paying for their card purchases. The suspicion is that a large part of spot operations is done in black.

Gastón Fossati, director of Arba. explained that “according to what determines the Tax Law 2019, establishments that do not have devices that allow customers to pay electronically may be sanctioned with fines or closures, which will be decided through the courts.”

According to the regulations in force in the country, taxpayers who sell or provide services to final consumers, as usual, must accept debit cards or equivalent means as payment. For this, they have to have electronic point of sale terminals (POS, MPOS, PIN PAD, other methods or devices). The obligation applies to all operations starting at $ 100.

The controls, which ARBA agents carry out together with their AFIP peers, will extend until mid-February and will cover different cities in the province of Buenos Aires, especially the Atlantic coast and other tourist spots.

“The main focus of the actions is on the summer resorts, given that in these months they receive many visitors and there is an increase in consumption,” Fossati said.

In that sense, he stated that “the controls are very important because they favor the acceptance of cards, guaranteeing greater comfort and security to all the families who are on vacation. At the same time, electronic payments leave a record of sales and, therefore, provide greater tax equity. “

Thus things according to the survey, in Mar del Plata, 40% does not have electronic means of payment. In Pinamar it is 36%, in Necochea, 37%, in the Partido de la Costa, 31%, in General Alvarado, 39%; in Mar Chiquita, 30%; in Maipú and San Cayetano, 37% do not have electronic means of payment.

Villa Gesell was the most curious piece of information where 80% of businesses offer their customers the possibility of paying by card.

The obligation covers all those who provide services, including professionals, and it applies from April 1, 2018 at the national level by provision of the AFIP. The fines go up to 300,000 pesos and the agency collected can end up closing the business. The measure of the AFIP that is framed in the law 27,253, promulgated on June 10, 2016.