The Netflix meme, the Bad Bunny tweet, the networks do not stop talking about Chimuelo

In social networks the video that starred a boy of 13 with his little bird called Chimuelo became the main theme of the week. The images of the Chilean child went viral to such an extent that some brands took advantage of it to promote their products. One of them was Netflix that from his accounts took advantage of the phenomenon and published a meme linking it with the movie “Bird Box”.

Through the official account of Latin America, the streaming platform uploaded a meme that mixes the two worlds: Chimuelo and the popular production of the streaming platform starring Sandra Bullock.

In the storyline of the famous movie, it is the birds that warn humans if the strange creatures are around. It is for this reason that in the meme, there are three birds that ask Malorie for Chimuelo. Causing dozens of laughs and fun answers.

But the repercussions did not end there, in addition to the hundreds of memes that flooded the networks there were also messages from celebrities like the trap singer Bad Bunny, who tweeted about it with a sense: “RIP chimuelo”. Or the cartoonist Liniers, who also paid tribute to the baby and his beloved pet with a drawing of the little bird.

The video that became the first viral of the year, begins with Renato holding the bird called Chimuelo in his hand and telling that his pet had died: “Today is a sad day where one of the family leaves us, a brother of ours who Without a doubt, it was a great pet, but today we meet to say goodbye because Our Lord has taken it away. “

My humble tribute to a great one. #Chimuelo #noteolvidaremos

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16:57 – Jan 11 2019
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With a shovel he begins to dig a pit to bury him while he sings the Hail Mary and in a few seconds there is an unforeseen event: he just places it there, his dog goes running and steals it with the intention of eating it.

Desperate, try to get it out of his mouth, but the animal resists until he gets it done. In a second video, it finally shows the burial of his little bird as if nothing had happened.

The images were disseminated by José Ignacio (@Joselignacio) and they already had more than 66 thousand “Like” and almost 33 thousand retweets. The users confessed to being anguished when the dog stole the bird, but they could not hide their laughter with the situation.

The tenderness of the baby with his pet, the unexpected appearance of the dog and the final bizarre turned the video into a tremendous success that continues to generate hundreds of memes, comments and jokes in the networks.